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Weary limbs and an even wearier mind? Welcome to my life. My antidote to everyday stresses? A disgustingly good massage. I’m a sucker for them.

I used to live in Clapham and spent plenty of Saturday mornings on a massage table. I found the below places to be the best at putting my meddlesome mind and desk-related issues to rest.

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Thai Sense Spa


My experiences with Thai massage parlours is very hit-and-miss: some have left me feeling renewed and others like I’ve wasted my money. And a mediocre massage is such a frustrating experience. All that said, I stumbled upon Thai Sense Spa by mistake, and it was a delightful one to have made. It’s an absolute gem of a place.

For me, a massage is an experience. As soon as I step through the door, I want to feel as though I’ve parked my worries outside and am somewhere far from reality. I know this sounds insane but they’re my little escapes. And I had a lovely one at Thai Sense Spa: the space was fresh, the receptionist incredibly welcoming, and all staff friendly and knowledgeable.

I plumped for a Thai massage as I rarely get them and my therapist did wonders to get rid of some troublesome knots. I sit at a desk for most of the day and was prone to desk-related tightness. Patient, thorough and able to make my body click to alleviate discomfort, she worked wonders. I felt calm, assured and able to switch off.

So if you’re after a Thai massage in Clapham – actually, scrap that. If you’re after a massage in Clapham, come here. It’s affordable, clean and teeming with expert hands. I’ll be returning soon.

The London Butler tip: Just a short walk from both Clapham North and Clapham Common, their massage menu includes: Thai; Swedish; Deep Tissue; Head, Shoulders & Neck; Foot; Couples; and Four Hands.

8 Ascot Parade, Clapham Park Rd, SW4 7EY; Thai Sense Spa
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I mentioned that I suffered from desk-related tightness: it used to flare up to the point I involuntarily scrunched my shoulders and tensed my neck. Pure agony. Sports massages helped a little but they never addressed the route of the problem – I was living near Clapham Junction at the time and booked a consultation at Backspace.

I received a thorough examination by Ricardo who explained the reasons behind my issues and how to go about treating them. This involved a series of chiropractic treatments and deep tissue massages. I felt in incredibly safe hands and at ease during every session. I often left feeling a weird sense of euphoria… I guess from the tension easing?

Ricardo recommended a series of post-treatment exercises which made a huge difference between sessions. I haven’t experienced any issues since my final appointment over a year ago, and that’s the best praise I can give.

An award-winning chiropractic clinic, Backspace is a must-visit for anyone experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort – their google reviews speak for themselves.

The London Butler tip: Complete the advised exercises between sessions! They’re bespoke and will make the road to recovery a lot quicker.

15 Clapham Park Rd, SW4 7EE; Backspace
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Millies Lounge


It’s pretty rare for an independent space that offers spa, hair and beauty treatments to deliver on all fronts. Maybe I’m fussy, but I’ve found some renowned beauty salons to be truly naff on at least one offering. Millies Lounge genuinely surprised me. My first visit was for a manicure, I returned for a wax and kept on going back for their blissful massage treatments. It very quickly became one of my go-to places when I lived in Clapham.

I had Karina take most of my sessions – typically a Swedish massage or deep tissue when I felt pretty stressed out. The salon itself is cosy but I enjoyed that intimate feeling. The staff are friendly and make it their mission to know and remember you – it’s like visiting your friends for some well-earned downtime.

As for the massages, Karina always asked if I had any problem areas, checked whether the pressure was okay and made me feel brand new. I always left feeling lighter and rebalanced; a fresh-faced sort of feeling.

So if you’re hankering for a massage, give Millies Lounge a try and let me know how you got on – it’s just a 2-minute walk from Clapham Common station.

House of Beauty


On the topic of variety, House of Beauty is a challenger for the top spot. This Clapham Junction space offers facials, long-lasting gel manicures, lashes, brows, hair removal, waxing, and lash extensions, not to mention some of the nicest people in the area (I’m talking customer service at its finest).

Lured in by their celebrated manicures, I went further and booked a back, neck and shoulder massage with Tiago. Although not the most technical of massages, it was obvious he had years of experience under his proverbial belt – you can just tell when you’re getting a massage of high quality and calibre. My back was pressed and unknotted intricately, and Tiago was entirely in tune with the amount of pressure required.

I moved away from Clapham not long after this treatment (entirely unrelated, I promise) and never got around to booking more. But based on this experience alone, as well as their constant 5-star reviews, it’s well worth a visit.

A great spot to get a massage in Clapham Junction, book yourself in and add some other treatments whilst you’re there.

Urban Massage


It took me a while to jump on board the Urban train, but having experienced it a few times, I must say it’s a good’un. I love beauty salons: I adore heading into a massage parlour and leaving reality at the door for an hour or so. But that isn’t always possible.

If you’re in the Clapham area and want to get a massage from a qualified therapist in the comfort of your own place, give Urban a try. You can book various types of massages, including sports massages, read each therapist’s reviews and choose the one that’s best suited to you. It’s safe and, though I’ve only used them twice, I’ve had great experiences.

Let me know if you have any favourite places to get a Clapham massage and why you love it so much!

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