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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re yet to find the ‘one’ – the place you go to for a faultless cut. I stumbled across mine 8 years ago and haven’t gone anywhere else since.

Fortunately, one of our Butlers was yet to find his hair saviour, which meant one thing: scouring Fulham to see how their local barber shops stacked up (yep, this took months of visits). Below is his pick of the best.

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Note: “only the best experiences have been included – a few were left out due to not being fit for inclusion. They all include beard trimming but I’ve been deprived of facial hair, so can’t comment on those services.”


My go-to barber has left the country. Gone for good.
The product of a fantastic opportunity for him; the gifting of a predicament for me: where to get my terrible barnet sorted? The London Butler needs some content for Fulham barbers, so let the barbershop diaries begin…

Anvil Barbers


I stumbled across this place via Instagram. Getting an appointment was ridiculously easy, though they only opened last month (Feb 2022). I’m assuming this ease of booking will change once they become a little more established – having now experienced Anvil, I doubt it’ll take long.

The exterior of Anvil is very much continued throughout the shop. Dark green hues; tiled flooring; the space complete with handsome furnishings. It’s the sort of place I’d expect to house the trendiest coffee shop in Fulham. For some, decor is the last thing on their mind. To me, it matters. It showcases attention to detail. It also makes me feel at ease. And whilst a drink of your choosing is part of its offering, the coffee shop vibe ends here and dedication to cutting begins.

Interior of Anvil Barbers in Fulham

As for the cut, it began with a lengthy consultation process. I’ve gone through many a hairstyle – some good, some not so. I had the same look for a couple of years and decided it was time for a change. Furqan, one of the owners, explained the sort of things that would suit my hair type and head shape (discussing head shapes was surprisingly eye-opening).

Furqan was the type of barber I like: one that generates conversation but instils confidence that his attention is very much on the blades. In other words, words may be flowing, but cutting is the focus. I’ve unfortunately experienced it the other way around too many times, even at a popular barber in Fulham.

The cut itself was great. I mentioned earlier that the decor, at least to me, demonstrated attention to detail. I was right. The end product was exactly as Furqan described it would be, and I can’t give a bigger compliment than that.

To anyone considering Anvil Barbers, book an appointment. If I had started my tour of Fulham barbers here, I probably wouldn’t have reviewed any others.

Cost: ~£30 inc. wash
602 Fulham Rd, SW6 5PA; Anvil Barbers
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OS Lifestyle


The UK’s first carbon-negative barbershops. Not a bad opening statement. And this very much sets the scene for what OS is all about – sure, they’re a barbershop, but their vision is far more than that: one of a lifestyle brand; a lifestyle that predicates itself on sustainable practices. How does it do this? Hair cuttings are recycled to create mats for oil spills, they offset their carbon footprint with things like reforestation commitments and their own sustainable product lines.

As for my experience, their Fulham shop might be small but it contains mighty knowledge. As you can tell from my Anvil review, barbershop decor has an innate ability to put me at ease or in great discomfort. OS Lifestyle’s is very minimalist, and that made me feel calm. I felt like I was in a place that knew it delivered. I was right.

I didn’t get an appointment with Joseph or George (the owners) but had the wonderful Kylie sorting my lid out. I felt reassured by the consultation process and the cut was very much as described. The OS Lifestyle product she used smelled great, and I felt a great sense of satisfaction knowing its environmentally-friendly credentials.

Highly recommended and without doubt one of the best barbers in Fulham and surrounding areas.

Cost: ~£30
258A Fulham Rd, SW10 9EL; OS Lifestyle
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NZ Gentlemen’s Grooming Club


This is a place that oozes class. And, to be fair, it is class.

After a few lousy barber experiences in the Fulham area, NZ Gentlemen’s Grooming Club well and truly restored my faith in getting a solid cut. This isn’t the cheapest barber in Fulham, but you get what you pay for.

Led by its founder, Nav Zeneldeen, the shop’s mantra is built upon delivering individual experiences, which very much felt like that. I experienced an incredibly warm welcome, was spoken to like I had been going there for years and, most importantly, left with a cracking haircut.

It’s the kind of place that when they put the final mirror behind your head, you genuinely go, “wow, nobody has shaped it that way before” – in other words, they take pride in their work. I use ‘they’ because I could see this level of care applied throughout. Whilst I’ve only had my hair cut by Valentino, the rest of the team clearly embodies NZ’s philosophy.

Oh, and back onto the topic of oozing class: not only do you get a complimentary drink, but NZ also offers breakfast and lunch menus in partnership with bonbon, one of our favourite places to get brunch in Fulham.

Cost: ~£35 inc. wash
131 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, SW6 2TT; NZ Gentlemen’s Grooming Club
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The Grooming Lounge


This is a barbershop made up of 3 generations. The beauty of this is the atmosphere. I have never experienced such a friendly welcome in a barbershop before. I felt as if I was about to have lunch with everyone, which I would typically hate, but this was somehow good.

Now, this isn’t like the trendy barbershops I usually gravitate towards; The Grooming Lounge is one that does away with pretences and focuses on cutting and friendly service. Each member of staff spoke to me as I sipped my coffee. It’s clear they absolutely love what they do, and based on my conversations with others, even clearer they have a set of long-time regulars.

I had a decent cut with great conversation. This was at a time when I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my luscious locks, so I left with a style that I liked but didn’t love. This was at no fault of the barber, they delivered what they said they would, it was simply down to my lack of idea.

I had a conversation with a lady who was waiting for her 3 kids to have their cuts finished. She raved about The Grooming Lounge being the best barbers in Fulham. It really does have a family-friendly vibe in there. I don’t have children so I can’t comment on its merit for kids’ haircuts, but she seemed made up, which is a good enough review for me.

In short, for anyone looking for a place where you can go for a great cut and the friendliest of atmospheres, you won’t go wrong here.

Cost: ~£25 inc. wash
101 Dawes Rd, London SW6 7DU; The Grooming Lounge
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As always, let us know if you’ve visited any of these and/or if there are any Fulham barbers we need to review.

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