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With plenty of bars and restaurants at your doorstep, one hell of a connection to the rest of London and a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere, Fulham is a delight of an area.

Surprisingly, however, there isn’t a huge number hotels in Fulham, and you’ll need to use some nouse if wanting to stay here.

In the name of research, we booked many a night across various hotels, B&Bs and aparthotels in and around the area. Ranging from cheap Fulham hotels to quintessential British luxury, the list below contains our favourite experiences. Let us know if you visit any.

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Our favourite hotels in Fulham aren’t even hotels

Hurlingham B&B

Our rating: 4.5/5

There’s a common misconception that B&B’s are old, dingy places belonging to the 90s – you just need to prefix ‘air’ to make them bougie.

Hurlingham Bed and Breakfast epitomises why B&Bs are a mainstay of UK breaks. Sure, it’s not strictly a Fulham hotel, but it’s one of our favourite places to stay in the area.

Here’s why we love it:

(1) Gilly: owner of the place, welcomer of guests. Gilly makes Hurlingham such an excellent stay by being attentive, not nosy; knowledgable, not pushy; she also serves an absolute beauty of a breakfast. Like, seriously delicious. If you’re staying for a special occasion, she’s also been known to bake a cake – what a dreamboat.

Exterior of Hurlingham B&B, Fulham

(2) The location: just a 5-min walk from Putney Bridge station, Hurlingham B&B makes the ideal base for London travel. It’s also a 10-min walk from Parsons Green, so we’re talking accommodation that’s right in the heart of Fulham.

(3) The property: “a beautifully furnished Fulham townhouse” – this is from Gilly’s site, and she’s bang on. There are 3 bedrooms on offer (4 if you’re booking the entire property) – each warm and welcoming (as is the theme here), filled with soft furnishings to put any stress at bay. The common areas are just as thoughtfully decorated and in keeping with the London townhouse feel.

All in all, Hurlingham B&B is one of the best places to stay in Fulham. If you can’t tell, we love it.

Double room avg cost: ~£100 – £150p/n
6 Grimston Rd, SW6 3QP; Hurlingham B&B
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The Captain Cook

Our rating: 4/5

The Captain Cook is a recently renovated pub – within walking distance of Parsons Green – with 8 boutique rooms to its name.

First things first, this isn’t a luxury hotel, nor does it claim to be; it’s a top-quality pub with bright, spacious rooms that will suit the vast majority of people. As my better half said, “it’s a place with heart”. WTF does that mean? Here’s the translation…

Every member of staff is incredibly friendly – sure, you’re not getting doormen opening a lobby door, but this is 5* service of a different kind: the kind which makes you feel at home. People know your name and care about your stay. You’re not a number; you’re a valued guest. We stayed here in September 2022 for the first time but were treated like it was our twentieth visit.

As for rooms, there’s a choice of ensuite and shared facilities. They’re all bright and welcoming, and make for an ideal base to explore London.

The pub itself is one of our favourites in the area – check out our guide to the best pubs in Fulham.

Oh, and it’s incredible value. Fulham is anything but a cheap area, but The Captain Cook offers a perfectly-located stay at very reasonable rates.

The London Butler tip: As the pub doesn’t open until 12pm, you won’t get breakfast, but check out our guide to the best brunch in Fulham – they all do great breakfasts and are within walking distance.

Double Room avg cost: ~£110 p/n
203-205 Dawes Rd, SW6 7QY; The Captain Cook
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These hotels aren’t strictly in Fulham, but they’re only a short journey away and well worth the extra mileage…

No.1 The Mansions by Mansley

Distance from Fulham: ~10min tube; ~25min walk
Our rating: 4/5

No 1 The Mansions isn’t a hotel in Fulham – heck, it isn’t strictly a hotel, but rather a set of 9 serviced apartments in the heart of Kensington.

The benefits of something like this? It’s your space. No rushing downstairs for breakfast, no need to eat out every night, just your own home away from home.

Exterior of No 1 Mansions by Mansley

Apartments range from a studio space through to 4 bedroom suites. In fact, their bed:bath ratio is pretty extensive and, for those who like detail, include: 1:1, 2:1, 2:2 , 3:2, 3:3, 4:3.

As for the apartments, they differ based on what you choose (obvs), but the theme is very much high ceilings and modern interior that blends with the characterful mansion building.

All apartments are serviced (you still get some hotel perks), the staff are incredibly attentive and it’s all in all a bloody nice place to stay.

Double room avg cost: ~£180 p/n
219 Earls Ct Rd, SW5 9BN; No.1 The Mansions by Mansley
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The Resident Kensington

Distance from Fulham: ~30min walk; ~13min tube
Our rating: 4.5/5

Often ranked within Tripadvisor’s top 30 London hotels, The Resident Kensington is your safest bet for securing a great night’s sleep in the Fulham area. Granted, it’s not Fulham, but Earls Court station is only a 5-minute walk and, if you’re one for a stroll, Fulham is a mere 30-minute meander.

This is another Aparthotel, aimed at providing a slice of home life away from home. And it achieves this. The rooms, whilst not champions of style – muted colours reign supreme here – each include The Resident’s signature mini-kitchen: we’re talking fridge, microwave, sink, kettle, glassware, coffee machine, etc. No hob, mind you.

The building itself is a glorious Edwardian townhouse within the heart of Kensington. The beauty of this is tranquillity. Whilst that may sound incredibly w**ky, it’s the truth: you might only be a gentle stroll away from restaurants and bars (Kensington is home to some of our favourite Italian restaurants in London) but you wouldn’t know that once you turn into The Resident.

There are a variety of rooms on offer, including: Single—> Bunk —> Small Double —> Standard Double —> King —> Superior —> Deluxe. It’s worth noting that these rooms aren’t huge, though unsurprising given they’re in Kensington. Oh, and we mentioned that muted colours reign supreme here – this isn’t a criticism. It’s actually quite relaxing. Just don’t go in expecting to be blown away by decor.

Other things to note:

  • There’s a 24-hour front desk team
  • The team can pre-stock your fridge and larder with any items (within reason) before your arrival
  • The Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Palace, and Science, Natural History, and V&A Museums are within walking distance.

In short, The Resident Kensington is a peaceful home away from home. The rooms are snug, peaceful spaces where you can just do you.

The London Butler tip: There’s no gym, pool, bar or restaurant, but the hotel has affiliations with local businesses and offers partner discounts – ask about these at the front desk.

Double room avg cost: ~£185 p/n
25 Courtfield Gardens, SW5 0PG; The Resident Kensington
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Hub by Premier Inn

Distance from Fulham: ~17min walk; ~8 min tube

First off, this isn’t one for a romantic getaway, but it’s arguably the best no-frills stay in the Fulham area. And by no-frills, we’re talking about simplicity. In a good way. Like a spaghetti aglio e olio – whilst there’s not much to it, it’s still damn good. This hotel isn’t going to enhance your lifestyle in any way but that’s not its intention. This is a place where functionality reigns.

The rooms, though compact, are an ergonomic triumph – a lot of thought has gone into how to make the use of a compact space; storage isn’t an issue, nor is comfort; the hub app allows you to regulate light and temperature without a need to move (always a plus). If you’ve ever stayed in a CitizenM, this is basically a CititzenM.

To summarise, this really isn’t a grubby, low-cost hotel chain venue; this is clean, modern and professional stays done in true Tokyo style. It’s also a smart option for a Chelsea FC home game.

The London Butler tip: this is very much aimed at professionals and/or those that need a short stay. West Brompton station is a 30-second walk away so you’re super connected to London. Oh, and there’s no car park. In short, don’t book this as a romantic getaway, as we’re pretty sure that’ll be a permanent kiss of death on that front.

Avg cost: ~£60 – £120
11-15 Lillie Rd, SW6 1TX; Hub by Premier Inn
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Chelsea Harbour Hotel

25-minute walk from Fulham
Our rating: 4/5

First and foremost, let’s talk about hospitality. A criterion for a 5* rating is top-tier service, and this is well-and-truly met. Tarek – a bloody charming gent can we add – was the star of the show during our recent visit to The Chelsea Harbour Hotel. We were greeted with a warm welcome; a commitment to making our stay unforgettable, whatever the request; as well as top recommendations for food and drink in the area. Quite simply, this man was the MVP. It’s worth mentioning this service was echoed throughout the entire hotel. So it’s not just one man suffering with heavy shoulders.

The hotel. How can we write about it without mentioning the location? This is a riverside hotel. In London. And we can’t stress how nice that is. We’re mad about London – it’s why we started The London Butler, after all – but we will be the first to admit the cityscape can lack a certain ‘retreat from life’ feel at times. This is where panoramic views over a harbour come into their own. We adore it.

It’s worth noting this is an all-suite hotel promising 5* luxury. Whilst the suites make for a really comfortable stay, the room decor is somewhat dated (think cream walls, red curtains and wood-veneer surfaces). It isn’t horrible by any means, but the rooms do need a makeover, particularly given its 5* status.

All in all, the location and viewpoints at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel are the best in the area. The rooms are a little dated, but the hotel as a whole makes for an enjoyable stay near Fulham.

The London Butler tip: Bring your swim gear, for there’s a spa and pool here. And speak to Tarek.

Double room avg cost: ~£210 p/n
Chelsea Harbour Dr, SW10 0XG; Chelsea Harbour Hotel
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Milestone Hotel

Quintessential British decadence
Our rating: 5/5

The Milestone is a London landmark, notorious for its traditional 5* service that centres on one thing: you. This is a place where seemingly everyone knows your name. It’s old-school luxury service and one you best be ready to lap up.

The hotel is a Grade-II Victorian beauty located opposite Kensington Gardens. It’s a building that oozes the charm of a bygone age. The decor is elaborate, very much playing on its history, with fabrics, patterns, many a painting and even a life-sized jockey in its Stable Bar (somehow still an unknown gem of a cocktail bar in London).

The hotel isn’t huge, and some have argued that its small spaces decorated with rich colours and trinkets can feel somewhat overcrowded, but we beg to differ – to those that think this, get your head out of your own ar** and realise that this is what The Milestone is all about: celebrating and championing heritage in a way that makes your head turn.

Rooms range from Superior Queens to elegant suites overlooking Kensington Gardens. No two rooms are the same, each having been individually designed to accommodate plush furnishings & curated prints that are, as you might expect, very much on brand.

Other things to note:

  • They serve an award-winning afternoon tea
  • Stables Bar is one of our favourite cocktail bars, serving up a wonder of an Old Fashioned
  • No 5* hotel is complete without a pool and sauna – there’s no exception here
  • Sabrage is a thing. What the hell is it? Using a sabre to open champagne, of course.

All in all, The Milestone has an irresistible allure. It’s an oasis of British luxury, and we f**k**g love it.

The London Butler tip: This is a place you come to sample old-world charm. That’s not to say the hotel is stuck in a previous age, quite the opposite, but if you’re after high-spec hotels replete with gadgets, this isn’t the place for you.

Superior Queen room avg cost: ~£450 – 500 p/n
1-3 Kensington Ct, London W8 5PG; Milestone Hotel
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Let us know if you’ve stayed in any of these hotels in Fulham and nearby areas. Also, if you know of any others that should be added to this list, send us a message and we’ll visit them. Ta muchly.

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