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Green Park is close to so many incredible bars. From swanky cocktail venues to cosy wine spaces, it really annoys us how cliché this is… but there’s a bar for every taste. Genuinely.

We’ve visited most – if not all – of Green Park’s bars and whittled our favourites down below.

Let us know if you visit any. Enjoy x

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The Connaught Bar

10-minute walk from Green Park

Where to start? Well, The Connaught Bar is objectively exceptional. It was named The World’s Best Bar for two consecutive years (2020 & 2021) and most recently placed 5th in the world.

We first visited last year; our expectations were high given the aforementioned accolades. It didn’t disappoint.

This is a bar that oozes otherworldly charm and sophistication – the type that existed in the Roaring ‘20s. Textured walls surround you, detailed with platinum silver leaf; with a large, standalone bar acting as the room’s statement piece. This is a place of elegance.

The Connaught Bar

We plumped for classic cocktails: whiskey sours, continental sours, and Martinis. The latter is where the pageantry really kicked in.

The bartender wheeled a bespoke Martini trolley over, gave us a card with sample fragrances (these form the basis of the Martinis), and voilá, we chose our favourite and the magic began. The process was showmanship from start to finish – it was total decadence.

As for the quality of the drinks: spot on. I’m very particular about my whiskey sours, and this was very, very good. Somewhat on the sour end but oh-so-satisfying. The Martini hit the spot and didn’t undermine the preceding showmanship.

The last thing to point out is the absence of pretence – we felt welcomed and comfortable. A major plus point.

So if you’re after a Green Park bar and want to sample the good life, The Connaught Bar has got to be at the top of your list.

The London Butler tip: The Connaught Hotel has 2 bars: The Coburg and The Connaught Bar. Both are exceptional, but the latter is where you want to be.

Le Magritte Bar & Terrace

15-minute walk from Green Park Station

We love this place. It’s American through and through. Think Art Deco; Roaring ’20s; swank America. Red leather is aplenty, as are blue velvet furnishings, not to mention all of the vintage artwork that references a bygone age. It oozes a seductive kind of comfort.

As Le Magritte put it themselves, “Hemingway, Fitzgerald to Martin, Sinatra and MacLaine would have felt right at home here.”

The bar is located in The Beaumont, Mayfair, just a 15-minute walk from Green Park station.

Despite Le Magritte’s old-world American charm, the cocktail list is as fresh and inventive as they come.

I plumped for my go-to whiskey sour, along with a ‘Larry Sent Me’ (a fresh, zesty concoction that I’ll be having again) and ‘Empire of Light’ (a smoky, heady mix that warmed my cockles and then some). The sour was beaut – on the sour end, but not too far – just how I like it. The house cocktails were super inventive and surprisingly moreish.

All in all, this is on its way to becoming one of our favourite cocktail bars in London.

The Beaumont, 8 Balderton St, W1K 6TF; Le Magritte Bar
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DUKES London

7-minute walk from Green Park

Stepping into DUKES Bar is like stepping into a retro black-and-white movie: expect an abundance of overstuffed armchairs, lavish carpets and curtains, together with dark wood furnishings that scream old-school class.

On the topic of retro, Ian Fleming was a frequent visitor, and DUKES famously influenced the invention of James Bond’s favourite cocktail. Therein a legend was born. No, not Bond’s preferred poison, but the DUKES’ Martini.

People travel far and wide to sample the DUKES Martini. Here’s how it works: the bartender comes over with his cart to prepare the Martinis anyway you like them – we went with his recommendation. The famous frozen V-shaped glass makes an appearance, and everything is prepared and poured with precision. There is no over-the-top theatrics now custom in many cocktail bars; preparation is subtle and meticulous, which creates a level of drama in and of itself.

The Martinis are potent (in a good way), and they sure as hell are one of the best we’ve had in London.

It’s worth noting you’re limited to two Martinis – this is a place of sophistication, after all.

The London Butler tip: DUKES have a dress code: smart casual. Jeans and smart trainers are fine; don’t wear a t-shirt as you’ll likely be refused entry.

35 St James’s Pl, St. James’s, SW1A 1NY; DUKES Bar
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The Terrace Bar

6-minute walk from Green Park

One of the more unique vibes on this Green Park bar list, The Terrace Bar at The Chesterfield Hotel is first and foremost a piano bar – yes, they still exist, and we wish there were more of them.

Expect traditional hospitality infused with modern, fresh cocktails. Everyone in our party gave praise to the drinks – they were very good, though we will be the first to admit they weren’t the best on this list (see The Connaught & La Magritte above). That said, the atmosphere is what differentiates The Terrace Bar from the rest.

This is like stepping into your favourite old-school movie bar scene: drink in hand, pianist taking centre stage, and everyone around you having a jolly good time. It’s a unique place to be.

Note: the resident pianist plays Sun – Thurs, with musicians and singers taking stage Fri & Sat.

35 Charles St, W1J 5EB; The Terrace Bar
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Hotels aren’t for everyone. Here are our favourite Green Park bars that don’t sit beyond a lobby…

Mr Fogg’s Apothecary

You’ve likely heard of Mr Fogg’s, but this isn’t your ordinary Mr Fogg’s bar.

As with all of the group’s venues, Mr Fogg’s Apothecary is themed around the central character of Around The World In 80 Days. But where its other bars go heavy on themed decor and furnishings, this new venture (opened in 2022) is far more understated.

That’s not to say it’s boring – in fact, the complete opposite – just that it’s a classier affair, akin to a private members’ club without the need for a hefty membership fee.

Interior of Mr Fogg's Apothecary

It’s Victorian by design: a grand staircase decants you into what feels like a secret space; a long bar in view, replete with the latest in “curative tonics, restoratives remedies and compounded libations from around the world”.

The Apothecary Room is peppered with grandfather clocks, upholstered furnishings, patterned ceilings and grand sofas. It really is like stepping back in time to a more refined world.

The menu is very much on brand, complete with Mr Fogg’s renowned cocktail inventions, such as ‘The Traveller’s Tonic’ (Cognac, Rye whiskey, vermouth, orange liqueur and bitters) and ‘Rose Remedy’ (rose gin, Lillet Blanc wine-based apéritif, Apothecary shrub, rose water, lime juice and egg white).

All in all, this is a level up from the Mr Fogg’s you may be used to. It’s a classier venue that still champions their much-loved sense of adventure.

Clemence Bar

5-minute walk from Green Park Station

Clemence Bar might have only recently opened, but it’s here to stay. Unlike the majority of cocktail bars in Green Park and beyond, Clemence takes it back to basics: good food, drink and, most importantly, a focus on connection.

Enter and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Parisian-styled decor lends itself to a convivial atmosphere; you feel instantly at home, ready to chat with friends old and new.

We’re suckers for an extravagant cocktail bar, but far too often we end up speaking about the venue and decor, rather than catching up. This is where Clemence succeeds above all others on this Green Park bar list. There’s no extravagant decor, just the right amount to transport you to Paris, without derailing the conversation at hand.

Classic cocktails are on offer, as is plenty of champagne. We went for Kir Royales and had a blast. They also offer cheese & charcuterie boards – we’re yet to try these, so can’t comment, but they looked magnificent. We’ll update this post as soon as we return.

This place is more than a cocktail & champagne bar, it’s a place to socialise and connect with friends and people around you; an art that’s sadly being lost.

46-48 Shepherd Market, W1J 7QS; Clemence Bar
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2 minutes from Green Park

Below is situated, well, below HIDE, a Michelin-Star restaurant just minutes from Green Park station.

Below Bar at Hide Restaurant, Piccadilly

Our love for basement bars is strong. After all, the history of nightlife is filled with nascent basements becoming revered drinking institutions. Beyond is far more than a simple basement setting, however.

The space is akin to an art gallery – cool concrete hues are juxtaposed with warm wooden furnishings, such as the long bar that could be mistaken for part of a beautiful tree flowing through the building.

You’ll be perched between the curved bar and the vast, alluring wine cellar. It’s dark, sleek, earthy and the perfect place to lose yourself for an evening.

The Below team are self-proclaimed flavour obsessives, and flavour very much forms the focus of each cocktail offering; be it a spirit, fruit or vegetable, Below strives to “present it in the best way we can, using both modern and classic techniques.”

Lighter and fresher cocktails reign here, but classic cocktails are also available, together with an extensive array of spirits and wines.

You gotta give this one a go.


Shepherd Market Wine House

5-minute walk from Green Park

This is the older relation of Clemence Bar, so you won’t be surprised to hear there’s a Parisian theme going on – in fact, this cosy wine bar feels as if it’s been lifted from the streets of Paris and dropped in Shepherd Market: expect wine memorabilia, french film posters and arty photographs.

As with its sister restaurant, the focus at Shepherd Market Wine House is connection; walk in and you’ll hear conversations flowing about all sorts, it’s a lovely thing.

Shepherd Market Wine House exterior

French wines are plentiful, as are others from around the globe. My preference has always been something full-bodied – the kind that coats your mouth. I spoke with our server and not only was he knowledgeable, but also friendly. It didn’t feel like trouble asking for recommendations, and my preference for something on the cheaper side wasn’t an issue.

This is a wine bar in Mayfair, but it’s detached from the pomp normally associated with the area. You don’t need to have a perfect posture to come here, just a friendly nature.

The White Horse

4-minute walk from Green Park

From the team at Below (Hedonism Wines & HIDE) comes The White Horse, a new wine-led pub crafted to change the game.

First off, the interior of this place is absolutely gorgeous: it’s HIDE meets pub, resulting in an elegant, earthy setting via neutral hues. And wood. Lots of it. The combo is striking and inviting.

Unsurprisingly, there’s an extensive wine list – and we mean extensive – with over 6000+ wines to choose from, ranging from the affordable to the likes I’ll never be able to afford.

The menu has been designed by the team at HIDE and, my god, it’s good. Seriously good. It’s mad to classify it as pub food. I had oysters; roasted cauliflower; followed by a ‘burnt Basque cheesecake’. I can’t wait to try more on the menu.

This isn’t a cheap pub, but it’s so worth it.

Let us know if you visit any of these Green Park bars and what you thought of them.

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