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Cafés are synonymous with avo on toast, all things bottomless, and a need to get a good shot for The Gram. But cafés are far more than that – they’re a place to catch up and try dishes you wouldn’t normally plump for; an opportunity to discover unexpected purveyors of first-rate coffee. 

If you’re in the Green Park and Mayfair area, you’re in luck, as all of these can be done. In abundance.


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The Gentlemen Baristas Mayfair

8-minute walk from Green Park

Gentleman by name. Gentleman by nature. Don’t fret, this isn’t a nod to gender bias, but rather a set of principles that these coffee shop afficianados abide by: magnanimity, manners, and generousity to all whom visit. And this isn’t a bullsh** brand tactic, this has been our experience every single time.

Their Green Park cafe (Mayfair, actually) was opened in 2021 and has fast become one of our go-to breakfast and brunch homes. 

Located on one of our favourite mews in London, The Gentlemen Baristas Mayfair achieves something quite rare for a coffee shop: it has created the ideal space for anyone – so whether you’re visiting London from afar, working in the area and in need of respite, or simply in need of a place to socialise, look no further.

The Gentleman Baristas Mayfair front

But the real reason we’ve fallen in love with this beauty of a coffee shop is its food and dark stuff. They’re roasters by trade, and heck does it show. This is coffee that tastes intricate and balanced, ticking the boxes that coffee snobs live by. You might not be a coffee connoisseur, but you’ll soon realise that quality of coffee is a real thing and you’ve just had a taste of the good life.  

As for food, the menu is largely veggie. We’ve had 80% of the menu, but our favourites are the loaded banana bread (a sweet sensation) or the cacklebean scrambled eggs (a brunch staple taken to an unexpected level). 

If you can’t tell, we love it here. It’s a place that instantly relaxes – you just know you’re in safe hands. 

The London Butler tip: this beaut is just a few doors up from one of our favourite pints of Guinness in London – see our Green Park pubs guide.

Le Deli Robuchon

Seconds from Green Park

Le Deli Robuchon is a charming deli sitting opposite Green Park. A quick note: this isn’t a place you come to for a long, indulgent brunch; this is, as its name suggests, a deli. But it’s a deli offering up some absolute treats (it’s part of the Joël Robuchon group, after all).

Le Deli Robuchon, interior
Le Deli Robuchon, Green Park cafe

Whilst Le Deli Robuchon serves up the likes of Salmon & Avo on toast, granola and other in-vogue items, the real delights lie in its patisserie section: we’re talking cakes and pastries that’ll have you waddling back for more. My favourite order is a chocolate eclair (though it’s very pricey) and a glass of fizz. It’s the perfect post-Green Park stroll treat. 

82 Piccadilly, W1J 8JA; Le Deli Robuchon
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Queens of Mayfair

6-minute walk from Green Park

We love trying new places – it’s why The London Butler exists – but occasionally, we crave familiarity; a place where we know we’re guaranteed good food. Why are we mentioning this? Because we’ve recently added this haunt to our very own ‘can’t go wrong’ list.

Queens of Mayfair is a chic and elegant affair, serving up modern brunch dishes with top-tier coffee. Our visit comprised of nothing but quality: from the service, timing of dishes, to the standard of said dishes, we couldn’t fault it. 

Our favs are the ‘Shakeshuka’ and ‘The Royal Fungus’ (sounds gross, but it tastes bloody delicious).

The reason we’ve added this to our ‘can’t go wrong list’ (it’s a genuine list) is that we’ve had DMs from multiple people saying they’ve had the same experience – so it’s sure as hell worthy of this Green Park café guide.

A shoutout to its gorgeous window front: quintessential Green Park & Mayfair. If that doesn’t draw you in, all hope is lost.

45 Jermyn St.

6-minute walk from Green Park

Calling this a Green Park café is likely the greatest insult ever made to 45 Jermyn St. It is far beyond that. It’s a hallmark of London cuisine. A place of elegance, glamour and flavour. A destination.

45 Jermyn St exterior

The reason we’ve included it on this Green Park café list is, well, because its open from 7am, serves some of the best breakfasts in London, and is a must-visit. 

Being attached to Fortnum and Mason’s, the tone is already set. 45 Jermyn St. mirrors Fortnum’s dedication to the exceptional, and is inspired by an era where service and meticulousness were the hallmarks of a top restaurant – this extends to breakfast.

Expect breakfast favourites with options for added indulgence (your scrambled eggs can be topped with caviar, for instance), in addition to lighter dishes like baked Hen Eggs with Spinach, Nutmeg and Ricotta.

Breakfast at 45 Jermyn St
Brunch at 45 Jermyn St

These can be ordered alongside one of their colour-coded smoothies: the green one (white grape, spinach, parsley and kombucha tea) or the pink one (strawberry, celery, pineapple, turmeric, lemon and black pepper). And if that’s not your thing, Bloody Marys are aplenty. 

45 Jermyn St. is well-known for serving up some of the best dishes in the city. So if you’re looking for a café in the Green Park area, give your traditional breakfast and brunch options a swerve and head here. You won’t regret it.

45 Jermyn St, SW1Y 6DN; 45 Jermyn St
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Old Spike

10-minute walk from Green Park

Ever stumble on a place by complete accident only to find something brilliant? Introducing our visit to Old Spike. 

We took a wrong turn; saw a tiny, minimalist coffee shop; gave it a go; and have been recommending it ever since. Here’s why…

First off, Old Spike is a roastery. After our accidental visit, we signed up for their ‘Roasters Choice’ monthly subscription and haven’t been disappointed. They can be relied upon to supply the highest standard of coffee.

But there’s more to Old Spike than first meets the eye: it’s a social enterprise. 

Old Spike is renowned for dedicating a portion of its profits (65%) to support those dealing with homelessness, offering training and employment to those in need. This is literally coffee with a cause. It’s an incredible feat. 

So if you’re in Green Park and want a specialty coffee, head to Old Spike.

15-16 Sherwood St, W1F 7BJ; Old Spike
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Let us know if you visit any of these Green Park cafés in the comments. 

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