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Restaurants, theatres, bars, not to mention the wonder of the park itself, Green Park is one of the best areas to stay in London. That said, it’s not the cheapest, so you need to be savvy, extravagant, or both.

We made it our mission to find the best Green Park hotel experiences, and have listed our favourites, split by price range.

Do let us know if you visit any.

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Sofitel St James

13-minute walk from Green Park

First impressions are everything in the hotel game, and Sofitel St James nails it.

Once a bank, this Grade-II listed building has one of the most impressive hotel façades in the city – neoclassical by design, it’s also fitted with specifically-approved lighting (the kind used to showcase an art gallery’s masterpiece) – a convoluted way of saying the building stands out at night. It’s gorgeous.

This attention to detail extends beyond bricks and mortar; the Green Park hotel is widely regarded as one of the best hotels in London, after all.

Sofitel St James in the evening

Enter the lobby and be taken aback by soaring ceilings, opulent marble flooring and displays of grandeur. Parisian design influences every Sofitel hotel, and this one is no different. It is a beautiful blend of style: at once refined and bold.

We stayed in a superior room which echoed the hotel’s desire for understated elegance. It was stylish and sophisticated – not in your face but enough to warrant acknowledgement. Ours had a green colour scheme which stretched from the tartan carpet, through the designer office chairs up to the television backdrop.

I won’t drivel on too much, but we were treated like royalty – our stay was one of the best experiences of service I’ve received.

As for other facilities, there’s a best-in-class spa, The Rose Lounge (an ideal spot for champagne and afternoon tea), St James Bar and Wild Honey St James restaurant.

Sofitel St James isn’t cheap, but if your budget allows for it, you’re guaranteed a faultless stay.

Deluxe room avg cost: ~£500 p/n
6 Waterloo Pl, St. James’s, SW1Y 4AN; Sofitel St James
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Hotel Café Royal

11-minute walk from Green Park Station

Calling the likes of Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, David Bowie and Princess Diana as prior guests, it’s safe to say Hotel Café Royal has a rich and elegant history.

On entering, you’ll bear witness to a 300+kg Murano glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling – talk about setting the tone. Weirdly, it does and doesn’t.

You see, the rooms are fairly minimalist: something I didn’t anticipate from the hotel’s exterior, lobby and public areas – the Oscar Wilde Lounge is palatial in design, for instance. Yet the room wasn’t. We stayed in a Grand Deluxe Room, which was far bigger than my expectations, detailed with rustic Portland stone. I like that sort of style, but it’s something to note if you’re expecting rooms oozing history and opulence.

The on-site Akasha Holistic Wellbeing needs a shoutout: the Turkish Hamman is a breath of serenity in the mayhem of Mayfair. It also includes a start-of-the-art pool, gym and nine spa treatment rooms.

Cakes + Bubbles is situated within the hotel, a must-visit for any patisserie/dessert fans – book in for a Sweet Afternoon Bubbles, a sweet afternoon tea crafted by World’s Best Pastry Chef Albert Adrià.

This is a luxury hotel that doesn’t disappoint. It provides a ridiculously central base, and you’ve many on-site facilities that are better than the majority of its equals.

Deluxe Room avg cost: ~£590 p/n
10 Air St, W1B 4DY; Hotel Café Royal
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The Stafford London

5-minute walk from Green Park

The Stafford London is one of our favourite hotels in Green Park and beyond.

It comprises 3 buildings: the elegant Main House, Carriage House (think countryside living) and the all-suite Stafford Mews. Different in design, but united by an unapologetically British style, this is Country Estate on the grandest scale.

The thing that really stuck out, though, was the lack of pretence.

This surprised me: a hotel of this stature and style, set in one of the most expensive parts of London, tends to have an air of superiority. It’s why I typically hate them. But The Stafford London doesn’t. Each member of staff was incredibly friendly, attentive and caring; they made me feel like I was a regular, despite it being my first visit.

It also plays home to The American Bar, a fantastic cocktail bar that saw me sink too many a whisky sour. I loved it. On that note, if you’re in the area and after a high-end tipple, check out our guide to the best of Green Park’s bars.

Queen Room avg cost: ~£390 p/n
16-18 St James’s Pl, St. James’s, SW1A 1NJ ; The Stafford London
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The Beaumont

11-minute walk from Green Park

The Beaumont is a masterclass in Art Deco glamour and American swank. This place could quite easily be sat in Miami, but it’s traded palm trees and a beach for, well, Mayfair.

The public areas of this hotel are some of our favourites in the country: they give off a private club feel belonging to the Roaring ‘20s.

The thing I had to wrestle with, though, was the design of the public areas vs the style of the rooms.

I stayed in a Classic Room which, whilst possessing beautiful cherry wood deco furniture, not to mention a wonderful bathroom, just felt like a hotel. It sounds silly, but I went from walking through the most amazing public spaces to a nice hotel room. It didn’t feel like a home away from home; it didn’t feel as if the 1920s American glamour continued through to the bedrooms. Shame. That said, the bed was super comfy. Always a plus point.

It’s worth noting that The Beaumont also hosts Le Magritte, one of our favourite cocktail bars in Green Park and beyond. So if you’re staying here, make sure you visit. It’s wonderful.

8 Balderton St, W1K 6TF; The Beaumont
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The Chesterfield

5-minute walk from Green Park

Unapologetically bold and traditional, exactly what you’d expect from a Red Carnation hotel.

The thing that really struck us had nothing to do with decor, rooms or friendliness of staff, but the sheer amount of returning guests. It was evident that The Chesterfield is where the already-converted flock to. “You’re a guest here, not just another booking number” one lady said to me – whilst we can write all the reviews under the sun, a high number of returning guests is always a good, if not great, sign.

The Chesterfield Hotel lobby

Each room is individually styled, filled with artwork, antiques and, on occasion, classic wallpaper. Fabrics have been chosen to reflect the pinstripes of Saville Row, the florals of an English cottage garden or the vibrancy of the African savannah. The room we had was not strictly to my style – I felt it somewhat dated – but I slept like a baby, and I can’t say more than that.

Back to the point that lady made about being ‘a guest, not a number’: this really was the case. From the doorman, receptionist through to staff passing by, everyone greeted us as if we were their most important guest.

Put simply, this is a classic Mayfair Green Park hotel with old-school appeal. It’s a charming place that really values its guest. And it won’t break the bank.

The Resident Covent Garden

21-minute walk from Green Park Station

At the time of writing, The Resident Covent Garden is the #1 ranked London hotel on tripadvisor. Impressive stuff. But is it that good?

Well, we kind of knew what to expect as we’ve previously stayed at the Resident Kensington (see our review via our Fulham hotels guide).

This is technically an aparthotel: you get your own fully-serviced space and kitchen (albeit small), meaning you can make yourself a wee home away from home. And this really is the beauty of The Resident Covent Garden. You’re located within the thick of it: west end theatres and The Royal Opera House are just minutes away, but the hotel somehow creates a haven to escape the city bustle. It’s splendid.

The rooms themselves aren’t fancy – they’re clean, crisp and smart. Most importantly, they’re calming and relaxing. Pair this with triple-glazing and you see why most reviews comment on how well they slept. We were no different.

Overall, it’s refreshing to see a hotel that focuses on offering a relaxing place to call home doing so well. Sure, we love glamour and bold designs, but this is a different kind of class. We love it.

The London Butler tip: On a budget? Stock the fridge and have an evening away from the world. Sometimes, there’s nothing better.

Standard Double avg cost: ~£290
51 Bedford St, WC2R 0PZ; The Resident
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Wilde Aparthotel Covent Garden

22-minute walk from Green Park station

Slick, stylish and another place to call home – aparthotels are growing in numbers, and it’s easy to see why.

Wilde Aparthotel Covent Garden provides you with your own space (including kitchen and desk) right in the heart of Covent Garden, just a short walk from the Green Park area.

If you’re on a budget, these sort of stays are ideal as you don’t have to eat out all the time – go to the supermarket, grab food, and do your thing.

Studio avg cost: ~£190 p/n
11 Adam Street, WC2N 6AA; Wilde Aparthotel Covent Garden
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The Z Hotel Piccadilly

13-minute walk from Green Park station

This isn’t an all-bells-and-whistles hotel, but you shouldn’t expect it to be given the price. What it is, though, is clean, modern and comfortable.

Rooms are compact, but you don’t book The Z Hotel Piccadilly to stay cooped up: you’re typically a working professional needing a nightcap or ready to galavant, sometimes both. And heading out on the town is easy – Piccadilly Circus is only a minute away.

Looking for a decent city stay bang in the thick of it? Look no further.

Room at Z Hotel Piccadilly

Double Room avg cost: ~£150 p/n
2 Orange St, WC2H 7DF; The Z Hotel Piccadilly
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Hub by Premier Inn – London Soho

14-minute walk from Green Park

With compact rooms that champion ergonomic ingenuity, app-controlled lighting and check ins, Hub by Premier Inn is a no-frills stay in the heart of Soho, but it’s a clever one.

There’s no fear of breaking the bank, but you’ll still be impressed with the clean, modern and professional approach the Hub takes – it’s straight out of a Tokyo hotel textbook.

If you’ve ever stayed in a CitizenM, you know what you’re getting.

Let us know if you’ve stayed at any of these Green Park hotels and what you thought of them.

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