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Modern life can be stressful AF. We all know we should be taking time for ourselves, meditating, or just chilling the hell out, but let’s be honest – we often don’t.

If you find yourself in the Hackney area, check out one of these spots – you’ll be forgetting about the city life stress fest in no time.

Two of the Butlers (Hackney residents, FYI) have personally visited each rec between them.


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*Our Top Pick*

Many massage studios claim to tailor their services. Spoiler alert: they don’t. Sure, they’ll work on stubborn areas and apply pressure to our liking, but let’s face it, these treatments can be much of a muchness, and I say this lightly – my mum is a massage therapist and I’ve seen a fair few tables in my time. The point is, where many studios lack adaptability, Bodied excels, and then some.

Before I talk about my experience, I want to give time to Bodied’s mission: raising awareness of complementary health in minority ethnic communities; reducing disparity within the industry; and creating a culture where all bodies are assessed and treated equally. The Global Majority community and allies are front of mind – so not only is this one of the best spots for a massage in Hackney and beyond, they’re championing something very close to my heart.

As for my experience, the studio is located within two adjacent containers in Gossamer City – the units are serene and intimate, designed to accommodate one person at a time. I loved this: it meant no interruptions, no sharing – just pure, unadulterated ‘me time.’

I had a Profound treatment with Paula, and it was attention to detail at its finest. Before it began, we spoke about my reason for booking, troublesome areas, and what to expect. The oils used were magnificent, the playlist soothing, the temperature just right, and the massage itself slow and meditative – I could literally feel an increase in circulation. I walked out feeling lighter and tension-free, enveloped in a sense of ‘everything will be alright’.

Bodied is supreme in every way. Truth be told, I didn’t want to leave.

The London Butler tip: Book for longer than 45 minutes – too much of a good thing doesn’t apply here.

19 – 20 Gossamer Gardens, E2 9FN; Bodied
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Some places just get it right – OM is one of them. We’ve all been to places that spend a shed load of time trying to create the perfect vibe, only to fall flat when it comes to the actual treatments. Not OM, though. They just nail it.

I initially booked as I’d been doing a lot of late nights in the office, sitting at a desk, and getting a flurry of neck pains and headaches. I spoke about this with Iwona; she suggested a particular treatment and went about working her magic. My neck pain went away and I’m yet to have it since (she gave some preventative advice which I’ve since sworn by).

The entire process was super smooth: I felt heard during the consultation, relaxed during treatment and reassured by Iwona’s post-treatment advice. It’s a super chilled-out place with neutral tones, wooden flooring, candles that smell divine and a playlist that radiates zen-like energy.

If you’re after a Hackney massage, you’ll do no wrong here.

The London Butler tip: Book Iwona – she’s masterful.

450 Kingsland Rd, E8 4AE; OM
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Khoo Massage Therapies


If you like your massages to feel like a best-kept secret, Khoo Massage Therapies is the one. Honestly, I’m surprised Carolyn doesn’t have a six-month waitlist.

A bit about Carolyn: she’s as qualified as can be, specialising in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Chair, Hot Stones, Thai Table, Sports Massages, and way more. In other words, you’re in the safest hands possible. And speaking of hands, Carolyn is capable of banishing the toughest knots. Her ‘home’ style is different to other massages I’ve had: slow and tactful, blending slow and tactful movements with a mix of delicate and firm presses. She tunes into your needs and tailors her approach accordingly.

All of this takes place in her cosy home studio: you enter and life hits the pause button. Gone are the stresses of work and pressures of fast-paced living. You’re immersed in the present and stay there, thanks to the studio set-up, playlist (I’m all about a playlist), and Carolyn’s highly-personal approach.

Genuinely one of the most intuitive masseuses I’ve had – and I’m not just talking about massages in Hackney; I’m talking way beyond.

Don’t take my word for it – her reviews speak for themselves.

Kuu London


Kuu has established itself as a clinic-come-retreat in E5. Their mantra is ‘Unwind, restore, energise’ and it’s plain to see why.

The clinic offers a wide range of treatments including osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, pregnancy osteopathy and massage, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, 1-2-1 pilates, breathwork and more. Each therapy is delivered by a number of experts, all of whom embody the Kuu brand.

I mentioned it’s a clinic-come-retreat – this is because Kuu isn’t just a bunch of massage rooms, they also have a relaxing studio space that fits around 8 people, as well as a bunch of group activities to choose from (think pilates, yoga, mediation and so on…).

All in all, Kuu can become your local one-stop relaxation club. Fancy a massage? Check. Weekend pilates? Check. You get the idea.

The London Butler tip: Since the pandemic, group activities have been paused and are yet to resume – we’ll update this page as they return. Treatments are still very much on the menu though!

76 Lower Clapton Rd, E5 0RN; Kuu London
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Re:lax LDN


I had to include Re:lax because I bloody love it. It’s one of the best places in Hackney to decompress.

What is relax?

It’s a destination for facial treatments… and not the kind that are the same thing over and over again.

You see, Re:lax might have only opened in 2019, but Katie, the founder, and her expert team have quickly become a force in bespoke, intentional skincare and complementary health care.

Why is it so damn good?

As I said earlier, many places claim to offer bespoke treatments but don’t actually do this. From the moment you enter Re:lax’s little sanctuary, their next-level of personalisation becomes clear. Your consultation doesn’t just delve into your skin and care regime, but also your stresses, lifestyle and nutrition.

This assessment helps gauge your stress profile and potential gut health, because Re:lax recognises that products aren’t always the problem – our lifestyle imbalances can be. The consultation allows them to recommend the most beneficial treatment tailor post-treatment advice. They call it a holistic approach; I call it going above and beyond.

What treatments do they offer?

Facials: bespoke (truly), Gia Sha, Signature, Cupping, LED Express, Men’s, New mum, Pregnancy and a hell lot more.

Massages: bespoke facial & full body massage; most facials include some form of reflexology and/or chest, neck, shoulder and head massage.

On a side note: the massages that form part of the facial treatments are absolutely sublime.

Other thoughts:

The rooms are tranquil and serene; the therapists knowledgable and friendly; and the bed incredibly comfy. They also use eco-friendly and ethical products.

A treatment at Re:lax is 5-star pampering. I don’t have a bad word to say about them.

Unit 34, Gossamer Gardens, E2 9FN; Re:lax LDN
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Let us know if you’ve visited any of these Hackney massage spots in the comments.

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