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After a massage and unsure where to go? Been there far too many times. Three of us have had the pleasure of getting massages in Islington – some for sorting out issues and others for decompressing from life’s stresses. We’ve each summed up our favourite individual experiences below. Note: only those we would return to have been included.

Let us know if you visit any.

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The Massage Lab


The Massage Lab describes itself as the place for sport & remedial massage in Islington. They also offer a range of treatments that include the likes of Amma Japanese massage, lymphatic drainage therapy, and pregnancy massages.

As for my experience: I’ve battled with intermittent neck and shoulder aches for the last few years, a result of my slumping at a laptop and typing for days all in the name of work. Whilst I try to sit at the ‘right’ angle and place my screen at an ideal height, I’m forever going from room to room and resume my slumping habit. I can’t help it. Anyway, long story short: during a bout of more intense, longing aches, I booked a 45-minute sports and remedial treatment with Guilia.

I arrived in a lot of pain and Guilia was an absolute godsend. She took the time to hear my concerns, pinpointed some unexpected trouble spots (surprisingly not my neck) and went about working her magic. She constantly checked in to make sure I was comfortable and explain her techniques. After the treatment, I was given a list of exercises to do and advice for improving my slouching tendencies.

Truth be told, I was sore for a couple of days (Gulia said this might be the case) but noticed a dramatic improvement thereafter. And I mean dramatic. I’ve been sticking to my exercises and haven’t had any real issues for some time.

Everything was clean and comfortable, and Guilia as professional as they come. So if you’re in some form of discomfort and in the Islington area, The Massage Lab is a good shout.

The London Butler tip: Prices may vary but at the time of writing: £45 for 30 mins, £60 for 45 mins, £75 for 60 mins, and £110 for 90 mins.

Dr Stretch


Dr Stretch is a part gym, part treatment hotspot run by a team that knows all things fitness, nutrition, mobility and rehabilitation. It’s like a lil’ centre for wellness.

I was living in Islington and had been upping my gym visits – running and lifting weights a fair bit. After a while, my body was craving some TLC. You know the feeling. Naturally, I left it longer than I should have, but eventually booked a Sports Massage with Alex. Cut to the chase: I had a brilliant experience.

The session kicked off with a mobility assessment (I’ve been to a bunch of places that never did this) followed by a targeted massage. Alex continually talked through what he was feeling and how certain parts of the body are linked to others – turns out that what you think the problem is, rarely is. We then delved into some assisted stretching (my god, I’m tight), and Alex gave me some personalised stretches to boost my mobility and prevent the ever-nagging tightness.

The space itself is super relaxing. They had a mist diffuser filling the air with some form of beaut aroma and the lighting was just right – it’s just a super chilled place. Exactly what I needed. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Prices range from £50 for 30 minutes of assisted stretching to £120 for a comprehensive 90-minute full-body MOT.

The London Butler tip: Treatments include: sports massages, assisted stretching, full body MOT, deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, cupping therapy and a rejuvenating back, neck and shoulder massage.

Unit 13, Northampton St, N1 2HY; Dr Stretch
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Maria Pelton


I found Maria on Google and two things stood out to me: 1) her reviews and 2) the fact she curates an experience rather than dishing out the same old treatment. The gist I got was that you’re a face, a person, rather than client #4 of the day. My hunch was totally right.

The experience was lovely. It started with a call and we had a lovely chat – some people just give off positive energy and Maria is one of them. I described my general feeling – I didn’t have anything wrong per se; I just didn’t feel quite right – like, slightly stressed and not feeling morning ready. I’m still not sure if that makes total sense but Maria totally got it and suggested I go for her bespoke service.

After my consultation, the treatment began with Maria creating a personalised essential oil blend to set the tone for the massage. I’m not sure how to best describe the treatment, as I know won’t do it service, but it was a mix of aromatherapy and what felt like a combination of massage styles: firm, short presses followed by softer, longer strokes that seemed to flush my stress away – sounds so cliché, but it was genuinely rejuvenating.

Another thing that made me choose Maria over others: the chance to support an independent, female-owned business. I probably don’t do it anywhere near the amount I want to, but if you’re one for the cause, and you’re after a quality experience, I whole-heartedly recommend Maria.

She’s also hella qualified and can fix you up with all sorts of massages: sports, deep tissue, Swedish, plus more.

All in all, a brill experience. Hope that helps!

The London Butler tip: Maria offers a women-only service; treatments start at £30 for 30 mins. The bespoke option set me back £90 for a 90-min session.

Perea Clinic


The first thing to say is that I’m a fair bit older than the rest of the crew at TLB. Translation: I’ve had my fair share of lower back issues. It has previously prevented me from exercising, getting on the golf course and even carrying shopping bags (my partner has questioned that one a few times). The point is, I’m getting on a bit and my body is starting to show it. Woe is me.

I used to work in Angel and popped over to Perea Clinic after a recommendation from a colleague. She swore by them and Stelios in particular. Having had some pretty naff experiences, I had my doubts, but she was so right.

All in all, I had around six treatments over a period of about five months, and went from hunching in agony to moving freely and heading back on the golf course. Stelios is a man of magic and a total joy. He’s super friendly, knowledgeable and someone who properly listens to your concerns. The entire process was a 5-star experience.

The location is spot on. I’ve since switched jobs and no longer visit the area, but I must book again soon to keep on top of everything. This old body needs an MOT.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for a massge in Islington / Angel – we’ll pay them a visit.

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